Poppy Montgomery: How the TV Actress is capturing hearts, minds and shaping lives all over the globe.

Like many others around the world, I often find myself huddled behind my laptop or on my phone, scanning my social media news feeds for interesting topics, pictures and events – BUT what I am really searching for is any news related to a certain auburn haired, Aussie native, Poppy Montgomery.

Poppy Montgomery

I am no stranger to scoping out pics, articles and re-watching episodes of Without A Trace  and Unforgettable to get my fix of the TV Industry veteran but it wasn’t until recently that I thought to myself, I know how much I respect, admire and appreciate her, but what about others from across the globe? I can readily admit that I AM A FANGIRL and wanted to know in what company I was in.

So, I reached out via The PM Daily’s multiple social media platform accounts and began my investigation; asking questions as to the nature of the following Poppy Montgomery has gathered and just what makes people everywhere admire her so much.

Now we all know that she has the acting chops! Our little ray of sunshine needs no introduction to being cast as a lead role in a TV series, but I wanted to know what everyday people thought. I managed to find a young woman from the UK by the name of Charlotte Burrows, who like many others I had interviewed had a love for Poppy. I felt her sincerity to be as beautiful as the object of our conversation.

So here it is, my interview with Charlotte Burrows, UK, (Instagram: Poppyspetal_). I asked questions, got lots of passionate responses and felt like I had immersed myself into a world of pure joy, love, acceptance and true admiration.

I started my enquiry off with the blanket question every fan wants to answer and from there tightened the direction of the answers I was seeking.

The PM Daily – What does Poppy Montgomery mean to you and what’s one thing she has taught you about life?

Charlotte Burrows, UK (Poppyspetal_)- “Poppy Montgomery means the world to me! She has taught me to love myself for who I am and to live for tomorrow! She is an amazing actress and an even better role model to everyone. I just want to thank her for everything and for all the times she’s noticed me.”

I was immediately thrown into all of my fangirl feels with the response I received to this basic, yet all consuming question. After the blanket question was out of the way I got down to business, asking questions I know other fans out there had.

The PM Daily – What are your thoughts on shows like Without A Trace and Unforgettable?

Charlotte Burrows, UK (Poppyspetal_)- “Unforgettable and Without A Trace are two shows I turn to when I have down days and when I need cheering up!”

Poppy Montgomery on the set of Unforgettable

I smile at this response, as it had not been the first time I had heard this response. It had been the scope of the majority of answers I had received from others. I realised I was in good company. Although some of the material in both shows is something less than cheerful, I felt that both resonate with fans because of how they characters are portrayed rather in accordance to the story lines being told.

One of the burning questions I was grappling with was what others thought about the season four finale of Unforgettable. I used this time to tackle it head on. What did others think and feel about how the show had now ended; with no season 5 being ordered by A&E.

The PM Daily – What didi you think about the season 4 finale of Unforgettable and what would a 5th season mean to you?

Charlotte Burrows, UK (Poppyspetal_) – “Ah! I haven’t seen the 4th season yet as it hasn’t aired here in the UK yet and I haven’t found anywhere to watch it online either!. But a 5th season would be good because then I would be able to see my idol on TV for longer, especially as Carrie Wells as she reminds me of myself; a bit of a risk taker, etc. I also want to be a cop when I graduate university!”

This answer had surprised me. Although the 4th season hadn’t long since finished, it didn’t occur to me that other people from all over the world hadn’t seen how the season/ entire show had ended. I promised no spoilers so that she could watch it herself and gauge on her own what she felt about it. I then moved my enquiry to something that has plagued the film/ TV industry this year; Equality – in both sex and race.

The PM Daily – Do you think women are given the same shot at lead roles as men are and how do you think Poppy Montgomery has bucked this trend?

Charlotte Burrows, UK (Poppyspetal_) – “That’s a difficult question! You don’t always see women in lead roles but when you do they smash it! I believe that it should be an equal role, which I think it is becoming. Poppy is such a stunning and sensational actress that she could take on any role and smash it! I’m glad she got the lead role in crime series! It shows an actors ability more and whether they can grasp the audience; and clearly Poppy has, as her fans are just fabulous!”


With the question Poppy being cast in a dramatic crime procedural sense having being addressed, I turned my thoughts to her newest casting in Furst Born, an American remake of the Aussie inspired comedy Upper Middle Bogan. 

The PM Daily – Poppy has been cast as the lead in a Comedy series for CBS. How do you think she will handle the comedy category?

Charlotte Burrows, UK (Poppyspetal_) –“Well, watching her in previous films, such as Lying to be Perfectthere were moments of comedic humour in that! Now she can take on any genre and will do amazingly! Poppy could act in anything and give it her all. She is such a diverse actress, I believe that she will handle this category as she always does! She will smash it!”

I can’t help but feel joyful at the answer to this question! It is like hearing the words come right out of my own mouth. But when it comes to handling yourself on and off screen there is often a lot of judgement. Many women in the film and TV industry are often ridiculed and ostracised for how they handle being a working mum. I felt it necessary to get to ask about how ordinary people think Poppy handles being a mom and an actress. The answers I received were not surprising!

The PM Daily – As we are sure you are aware, Poppy has kids and hubby Shawn! How do you think she takes on the stereotype of a working mom in Hollywood? Is she different to many other moms on the acting scene?

Charlotte Burrows, UK (Poppyspetal_) – “Poppy looks like such a fun mom, who has a laugh with her kids and takes them out for ice cream and days at the park. You can tell she loves her kids with all her heart, and I believe, these are all necessities for being a great mom! Working wise, I see that, no matter what, she makes sure she has time for her kids and her hubby! She handles the balance really well and this is why she is loved dearly by a lot of people!”

Obviously people will feel we are a little biased given the fact that we are in fact a site dedicated solely to the actress but we feel that we give a rounded view on the issues of the world and how they pertain to the actress! We would like to thank Charlotte Burrows for taking the time to talk with us and share her views on just what its like to be a member of the Poppy Nation from thousands of miles from where the actress currently resides. We think that her answers and knowledge of our Aussie export is testament to just how much of an impact the Actress has as a leading lady and a role model.

In coming issues we will explore more answers to these questions as well as others put to us on The PM Daily website

Mel Walker for The PM Daily



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